Blog Writing Tips And Tricks And Why It’s So Important For Your SEO

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Let’s face it…I’m not the greatest content writer and at times I really don’t enjoy it, it’s time-consuming, and often I find I have writer’s block, so much to say but how to begin? feels familiar? well, you’re not alone.

In saying that there a few things you can learn to help make the process of blog writing quicker and more efficient. Not only will this advice help drive more website traffic it will build credibility and ultimately increase lead generation and conversion.

Website design and user experience play such an important role in your website success but often content is overlooked, a few pages here, a paragraph there. The key to driving traffic is regular content and blog writing, it’s a great way to constantly introduce new topics and help promote valuable keyword optimisation. By throwing in rich keywords suited to your business you can help drive a strong SEO strategy through content, for example, ‘website design Sydney,’ or ‘website developers Sydney,’ ‘website designers,’ hmmm that was easy got 3 of my primary keywords in the third paragraph 🙂

Website Design Sydney

So, without further ado let’s get into it. Here’s my tips…

  • Choose 10 or 20 keywords you want to be found by and start using these keywords throughout your blog. They don’t have to be in consecutive order like these keywords for example, ‘website developers in Sydney’ or ‘affordable websites for small business.’ You can use the word ‘website’ in one paragraph and few paragraphs down you use the word ‘developers’
  • Content on each page should be at least 300 to 350 words
  • Use bullet points and use shorter paragraphs
  • Start with a hook (title), and a subtitle, intro, main points, close and a call to action
  • Primary keywords should be used at least 3 times in your copy
  • Use internal links, linking to a page on your website e.g your services or product page
  • Use imagery two to three images throughout your blog will help maintain interest but you can also set the ALT TAGS and descriptions of the images in the backend of your website/blog to further optimise your content for SEO
  • Use external links, link out to credible websites for example, Hubspot, this will help rank you higher
  • Keep your content conversational be real and authentic

Once you get going it really does become a labor of love.


If you are after website advice or SEO support please drop me email at justin@bemorecreative.com.ay or call 0451 515 729

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