Top 5 Marketing Apps and Software You Need To Know About

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I love when someone shares with me their latest marketing finds. So, today I wanted to share with you my top 5 marketing apps, software and providers that make my marketing life so much easier.

Here’s my top 5;


Hootsuite is a social media marketing automation tool, instead of having to go into each of your social channels to post, Hootsuite manages your social channels all in one. A huge time saver and very user friendly.

Splice App

If you aren’t using video as your digital marketing strategy then you really should be, with video marketing being critical to you digital marketing success.  Splice App allows you to edit videos right from your phone. It even does those funky transitions you see on TikTok you know when someone clicks their fingers and transitions into a new outfit! I think you will be really pleasantly surprised by the effects and how easy it is to navigate.


This isn’t an app or software but I just had to include this. ContentFly as the name suggest they write content. What I love about ContentFly is their pricing is very reasonable for just over 300USD a month you get 4000 words written, not bad! This can be made up of content for your new website, or exisiting site (great for SEO).

You might use the content for social media posting or blogs. No locked in contracts either, check it out you won’t be disappointed.


Bigvu is a teleprompter app and video filming software, a great tool without the need for complicated creative programs. You can set your script and have multiple projects running and then export your video and edit in Splice.

Google Console

This is a great tool for viewing your analytics, reviewing your website issues and keyword search optimisation. Google Console has really help us identify issues with our website and improvements for SEO purposes.

That’s my top 5, hope that helps!

If you have any questions or need any marketing advise drop me an email at justin@bemorecreative.com.au and in the meantime let’s get creative!

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