Top 5 Tips On How To Build A Strong Brand Identity

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Brand Identity is so important to any successful business. We know that first impressions last and we form an opinion of someone we meet within the first few seconds. We analyse their smile, their tone of voice, eye contact and even what their wearing! And once these opinions are formed and especially if it’s negative, it’s very difficult to break and turn those opinions back around.

I’ve always been taught that your personal brand is so important, every conversation you have, whether it’s in the lift at work, talking to colleagues, suppliers or even the general public is a reflection of your personal brand.

Over the years, I’ve meet with some amazing and talented people with a strong personal brand, these connections have often stayed with me, but it’s the negative experiences that stay around a lot longer.

So, what is brand identity in terms of your business? Well, it can include your logo, your typography, colours, packaging, the messages you convey, your tone of voice. It’s how you portray your business to your customers.

I’ve spent over 16 years in marketing and have had many meetings and connections with suppliers and businesses alike and have made decisions based on their ‘look and feel,’ how do they present themselves in the market.

If you know that your personal branding is vital to your personal success, why would your business brand identity be any different?Here’s a few tips that I have learnt over the years;

Colour Matters

Use of colours, stick to your branding colours, you want your brand to be recognisable. Colour is so important to your brand identity and it’s more than just being visually appealing, it conveys an emotion, feeling and experience. And according to the University of Loyola colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%.


Aesthetics are important. Use decent quality imagery, my pet hate is low resolution images taken from Google, which are often copywrite protected.


Content is king. What messages are you conveying to your audience, is it authentic, valuable and consistent? What makes you stand out from the crowd and are you communicating your value proposition?

Target Market

Is your brand identity talking to your target market? I often see businesses that don’t fit their brand identity e.g. wrong use of images, colours and key messages. You want to communicate to your target audience by representing the business / industry that you are in e.g. retail, professional services, medical etc.

Experience and Reliability

Does your brand show you’re experts and reliable in your field? and does it build confidence in your service or product? Do you have online testimonials across your website, Facebook, True Local, Google Reviews? A great way to demonstrate reliability is through statistics, case studies and reviews.

With a strong brand identity you will be build trust, reliability and ideally a powerful brand within your market place.

Is it time to review your brand identity?

Written by Justin Hawkins, Marketing & Projects @ Be More Creative

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